Hybec’s patented Krypton Performance Lamp/light bulb has created numerous new applications in lighting and is the ideal choice for use with low wattage line voltage applications.

This unique bright, white, incandescent lamp maintains its color temperature as high as a halogen lamp. It was the first of its kind to produce a low 20W line voltage lamp, not commonly available with ordinary halogen lamps.

Manufactured in Japan by our parent company, The Miyakawa Corporation. The Performance Lamp, unlike regular halogen lamps, can be handled with bare hands for easier installations.  It was designed for 120V, in 20, 40, and 60W, clear and frosted for applications that require a light similar to halogen. It is available in an MC (minican), DC (double contact) and E26 (medium) base.


The Hybec Performance Lamp applications include, but are not limited to: track, recessed, cove, wall sconce, task, outside, retail display, restaurant, elevator, bathroom vanity, and cabinet lighting. (Shielding lamp is recommended for safety purposes.)

HYBEC Part#TYPE (Description)VoltageWattBaseFinishLumens (lm)Avg. Life(h)Image
2000HY120V20W/DC120V20WDC (BA15D)Clear2003000
2006HY120V20W/MC120V20WMC (E11)Clear2003000
2002HY120V40W/DC120V40WDC (BA15D)Clear5603000
2008HY120V40W/MC120V40WMC (E11)Clear5603000
2053KX40/E12/CL 120V KX2000120V40WE12Clear5603000
2004HY120V60W/DC120V60WDC (BA15D)Clear9603000
2010HY120V60W/MC120V60WMC (E11)Clear9603000
2055KX60/E12/CL120V KX2000120V60WE12Clear9603000
2012HY120V20W/DC FR120V20WDC (BA15D)Frost1903000
2037HY120V20W/E26 FR120V20WE26Frost1903000
2018HY120V20W/MC FR120V20WMC (E11)Frost1903000
2052HY120V20W/E12 FR120V20WE12Frost1903000
2014HY120V40W/DC FR120V40WDC (BA15D)Frost5403000
2035HY120V40W/E26 FR120V40WE26Frost5403000
2020HY120V40W/MC FR120V40WMC (E11)Frost5403000
2054KX40/E12/FR 120V KX2000120V40WE12Frost5403000
2016HY120V60W/DC FR120V60WDC (BA15D)Frost9503000
2033HY120V60W/E26 FR120V60WE26Frost9503000
2022HY120V60W/MC FR120V60WMC (E11)Frost9503000
2056KX60/E12/FR 120V KX2000120V60WE12Frost9503000