XENON LAMPS are incandescent lamps filled with low pressure xenon gas which allows you to use them in an open fixture without a protective shield.  They can be used to replace halogen lamps for 12V, 24V, and 28V- 5W, 10W, 15W, and 20W with 10,000 and 20,000 life hours, in bi-pin, wedge base, rigid loop and festoon styles. 

XENON LAMPS are safer, produce less heat and do not emit harmful UV rays that can damage fine fabrics and artwork.

XENON LAMPS are made with hard glass which allows you to handle it with bare hands without shortening the life of the lamp/bulb.

XENON LAMPS are a smart choice for most of your low voltage lighting projects.

HYBEC Part#TYPE (Description)VoltageWattegeLumenLife timeImage
3101XRL1205 12V 5W XENON RIGID1254520000
3101FXRL1205/FR 12V 50W XENON RIGID1254520000
3102XRL1210 12V 10W XENON RIGID121010020000
3102FXRL1210/FR 12V 10W XENON RIGID121010020000
3103XRL2405 24V 5W XENON RIGID24109020000
3104XRL2410 24V 10W XENON RIGID24109020000
3104FXRL2410/FR 24V 10W XENON RIGID24109020000
3110XFT1205 12V 5W FESTOON125504000
3110FXFT1205/FR 12V 5W FESTOON125504000
3112XFT1210 CL 12V 10W FESTOON12101203000
3112FXFT1210/FR 12V 10W FESTOON12101203000
3113XFT2405 CL 24V 5W FESTOON245503000
3113FXFT2405/FR 24V 5W FESTOON245503000
3115XFT2410 CL 24V 10W FESTOON24101203000
3115FXFT2410/FR 24V 10W FESTOON24101203000
3116XFT2403 CL 24V 3W FESTOON243303000
3116FXFT2403/FR 24V 3W FESTOON243303000
3117XFT1203 CL 12V 3W FESTOON123253000
3117FXFT1203/FR 12V 3W FESTOON123253000
3128BPE1220X-L XENON BI-PIN122020010000
3129BPE2410X-L XENON BI-PIN24109510000
3132GY1250X XENON BI-PIN1254510000
3133GY1235X XENON BI-PIN123542010000
3136GY2450X XENON BI-PIN245060010000
3152HW1203X CL 12V 3W WEDGE1232220000
3153HW1205X-CL 12V 5W T3 1/4 XENON WEDGE125338000
3154HW1207X-L 12V 7W XENON WEDGE127568000
3155HW1210X CL 12V 10W WEDGE BASE12101262000
3156HW2405X-L CL 24V5W WEDGE2453810000
3156FHW2405X-L/FR 24V 5W2453810000
3157HW2475X 24V 7.5W XENON WEDGE247.56510000
3157FHW2475X FR 24V 7.5W 10H247.56510000
3158HW2410X 24V 10W XENON WEDGE24109010000
3158FHW2410X/FR 24V 10W XENON WEDGE24109010000
3160H5W1218X XE WEDGE BASE121826410000
3161H5W2410X-2 T16 XENON WEDGE24101262000
3163FHW2403X-L FR T16 XENON WEDGE243255000