Hybec is the world’s most trusted manufacturer of marine and navigational lamps/bulbs.  Our lamps are used for navigational lighting for boats of all shapes and sizes and anything to do with lighting oceans, seas, lakes and rivers worldwide.  Our quality incandescent and halogen lamps/bulbs are made in Japan with the best material possible for longer life and stability.  Contact Hybec for all of your navigational needs.



・light houses




・oil rigs

HYBEC PART No.TYPE (Description)BulbVoltageCurrent/WattBaseRef.Image
32501S8/P30S 12V 0.25AS2512V0.25AP30S185.1037-00/FA-249/FA-250
325076.2V 0.25A S8 P30SS256.2V0.25AP30S185.1021-00
325086.2V 0.46A S8 P30SS256.2V0.46AP30S185.1020-00
325096.2V 0.92A S8 P30SS256.2V0.92AP30S185.1003-00
3250112V 0.25A S8 P30SS2512V0.25AP30S185.1037-00
3250212V 0.55A S8 P30SS2512V0.55AP30S185.1016-00
3250312V 0.77A S8 P30SS2512V0.77AP30S185.1028-00
3250412V 1.15A S8 P30SS2512V1.15AP30S185.1015-00
3250512V 2.03A S8 P30SS2512V2.03AP30S185.1024-00
3251012V 0.5A S8 CC8 P30SS2512V0.5AP30S185.1115-00
3251712V 3.0A S8 P30sS2512V3.0AP30S185.1057-00
3251312V 1.0A S11 P30SS3512V1.0AP30S185.1055-00
3251412V 1.9A S11 P30SS3512V1.9AP30S185.1048-00
3250612V 3.05A S11 P30SS3512V3.05AP30S185.1010-00
3251612V 1.15A S11 P30S FROSTS3512V1.15AP30S
3251120V 150W P30S HALT1320V150WP30S
3251224V 150W P30S HALT1324V150WP30S
3252112V 35W P30S C-8 3,000 HRS HALT1012V35WP30S185.1100-03
3252212V 50W P30S C-8 3,000 HRS HALT1012V50WP30S185.1100-04
3252312V 75W P30S C-8 3,000 HRS HALT1012V75WP30S185.1100-05
3252412V 100W P30S C-8 2,000 HRS HALT1012V100WP30S185.1100-06