Hybec offers a complete line of Dental light bulbs for all of your dental needs.

Our quality replacement bulbs for your state of the art operatory lighting fixtures, equipment, and handpieces are highly rated, dependable and priced competitively. For example, our Xenon gas-filled lamps were specifically developed and manufactured by Hybec to replace the more expensive bulbs in the dental handpiece drills.  These high performance, excellent quality and affordable light bulbs have been tested, evaluated and used by dentists and dental supply companies all over the world.  In fact our lamps have been named the Dentist’s choice for brightness and long life.

Our team of experts are also developing a retrofit LED version replacement bulb.


Handpieces: KAVO, A-DEC, W&H, MIDWEST


HYBEC Part#TYPE (Description)VoltageWattBulbCompatible typeImage
3450KAVO 553-38813.54WDCI 9362, 1.002.2928 Kavo (Standard Bulb), 1000801 Sable Industries, 1002-2928 Kavo (Standard Bulb), 10022928 Kavo (Standard Bulb),
1007.5372 (LED), 10075372 (LED), 16-061-00 Chapman-Huffman, 1606100 Chapman-Huffman, 3450 Hybec, 5533881, 5533881 Kavo, 5533881-GEN1, 5533881-GEN3, 5533881GEN1, 5533881GEN3, 998078-8, 9980788, LS-19, LS19, QUA-135 Quala, QUA135 Quala
34716KINETIC #12223.5(0.74A)Kinetic 1222 for Viper 360
3464MIDWEST #650064 POWER OPTICPower Optic Quick-Connect Aseptic Hose with built-in swivel
3462MIDWEST #6501973.7(1.6A)power optic connector.
3463MIDWEST #7902573.5(0.74A)FOCUS #041-317-00 or Kenetic #1222
34722MIDWEST 790257 (H1536C)3.5(0.74A)Power Optic Coupler Illumination Bulb
34725SABRA BLB-013.5(0.74A)Sabra-Quick Swivel lamp module
34729STAR 260986 W/SPRING 5.5V 7W5.57Coloright 260986
3466W&H 22076 (H1520)3.5(0.74A)oto Quick Coupler Illumination Bulb for W&H 800 series -LE, Synea TA-96L , TA-97L and TA-98L, RQ-24 and RQ-34 and Adec 924 Models.
3461A-DEC 041-314-00
34719A-DEC 041-317-00 (H761)3.52.5Replacement for A-Dec 041-317-00 3.5V 740mA, LMD20040
35001MLS-004A (KAVO TYPE553-3881 LED)3.510022928 Kavo, 5533881LED, 9980788, QUA-135 Quala
35002MLK-002 (W&H TYPE LED #22076)3.2W&H22076
35004MLK-004 (A-DEC TYPE LED)3.2A-Dec Fiber Optic Handpiecel, 041-317-00
35003MLK-003 (MIDWEST TYPE LED)3.2Midwest 5 Hole Hose & 6 Pin Coupler, Midwest XGT Stylus, 1000818 Sable Industies
23146H3 12V 55W WITH BLACK TOP1255T3/Black topfor Belmont ECO 702S-C/720, DCI9377、G04CADN29A0
23109OPTILUX 12V 80W 212371280MR11for Demetron-Kerr Optilux 21237, Demetron Optilux 380/400/401/402/403/500/501
First Medica Hilux 601
Patterson Dental TCL490 Plus Chapman-Huffman 16-440-00
Eiko 16073
Quala QUA225
181012V 20W MR11 ESX1220MR11Dental: Exam & Operating Bulb 20W 12V for Star II Dexa Light
380264640 24V 150W (FCS)12150T3Compatible with A-Dec, Dentch, Eurodent, Faro Sunlight 70, J. Morita, Knight Model L, LSM, Midmark model L or Newer Midmarks, Planmeca Delight, SDS 1350,
381564623 12V 100W (EVA)12100T3Siemens A1/E1 Sirona.
23142HY2460H3F2460T3for Belmont Clesta, 501074. Chapman-Huffman 16-047-00, JA24V60WBT, 8890DCI, M01205
2386150T4Q/CL 25V R7S25150(T4)for Light Fantastic, Pelton Crane 606, Coachman Chair, LF1, LF+, LFII
383664617 12V 75W JCR/M1275MR11for 3M Visilux I, Visilux II, XL-3000 78-8045-4571-9, DARBY Superdent 2500 950-9023, DARBY Superdent 7500 950-9024, DEMETRON Optilux 200 20437 Optilu391500 20437, DENTAMERICA Litex 650
3806EFR 15V 150W 6463415150MR16for Heraeus Kulzer Translux, FUJI OPTICAL Denta Cam II. 50, 100,
D23c64624 12V 100W12100MR16for CAULK PR-1, Primetics Lite, DEMETRON Optilux 400 High Output, EFOS Efos 35, Heraeus Kulzer Translux CL
3811EFP 12V 100W12100MR16Compatible with AcuCam, Intra View-New Image imaging units, NSK Optica fiber optic handpiece #20-510
3965EJL 24V 200W24200MR16for VIVIDENT Heliomat B (Single) 7210
380564615 12V 75W (EFN)1275MR16Compatible with Dentsply Perspective, Trophy by Practice Works, Viper Cam, Image Cam by Dent-X#20-145
D23eETJ 120V 250W120250MR16for CAULK Triad 1000/2000 70353, KAVO Polar II, Vicon DLS, LS, LSII 555-5001, MIDWEST Insight I, II
D23fEJA 21V 150W21150MR16for COBY Coby Light, DENMAT Visar II, VIVIDENT Heliomat B (Single) 7210
D23gDNF 21V 150W21150MR16for Star Dental/CUDA Starflite
395164613 12V 75W1275MR16Dental Curing Bulb 12V 75W. Blade Pins