Miyakawa America Corporation

Company Profile.

Hybec Corporation, located near Chicago, Illinois, is a division of Miyakawa Corporation, Tokyo, Japan. Since its beginnings in the United States in 1983, Hybec Corporation has grown its sales of lamps worldwide.  Our lamps are used for general lighting, as well as medical, optical, scientific, photo-optic, stage and studio applications.

Our well-stocked warehouse and knowledgeable staff allow us to ship orders often the same day. Hybec Corporation is also an authorized distributor for Daito Fuses (Daito Communications, Tokyo, Japan) which are used in alarms, surge protectors, telecommunications, CNC machines, robotic arms, etc.

Our parent company, the Miyakawa Corporation, is headquartered in Japan and has had a thriving business for over 50 years specializing in lamps as well as many other facets of the lighting industry. They have created five subsidiary companies throughout the world with sales in more than 35 countries. Through advanced technology, the Miyakawa and Hybec Corporations support the varied needs of the world market.

Headquarter and branch offices

Miyakawa Corporation (Japan)
Tokyo, Japan
Hybec Corporation (Japan)
Tokyo, Japan
Hybec UK Ltd.
Leicester, UK
Miyathi Trading Co., Ltd,
Bangkok, Thailand
Hybec Trading Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)
Shanghai, China
Hybec Corporation
527 W. Golf Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60005
PHONE:847-258-4386 FAX:847-621-2276