A disc brake is a wheel brake which slows rotation of the wheel by the friction caused by pushing brake pads against a brake disc with a set of calipers.

By exposing to air on the disk surface, it makes stable braking force with the high heat dissipation, long life, and high-efficiency.
Moreover, used for tension controlled as well.
Other controlling the rotation via a disc, and is also used to hold the stationary object and the control of the linear motion.
Simple maintenance and additional installation to the existing machine.


Products are manufactured by Yushin Co., Ltd..
Various types of disc brakes for different purposes.
Short lead time and small quantity orders are available.
For time shortening of shutdown time of large inertia solid of revolution braking, prevention of danger.
For fall prevention and emergency stop.
For out-load cleaning and clump after positioning.
Fixed from external force after positioning by the index table.


Industrial Equipment, Flywheel
Mixer, Laundry Machine, Food Processing Machine,Centrifugal Machine

Mooring Winch, Crane, Gondola

Slitter, Bending Machine

Index Table
Metal Working Machine