This High-speed analyzer is the best solution for accurately measuring luminance and chromaticity uniformity distribution for production line inspection.
Good for OLED, LCD, LED etc. as well as any other surface emitting light source.


“Color Live” realizes the space-saving nature, easy handling, quick installation and low cost by using simple components of USB connected camera, USB memory key and your PC.
Both Stand-alone and also custom design in-line operation for mass-production is available upon request.


・Support a wide range of luminance measurements from low to high.
・Chromaticity distribution image displayed.
・Compact and lightweight: 100x45x45mm. Body : 216kg
・Multipoint measurement (max.1936×1216)
・Easy installation of software.
・Clear moire focus on LCD
・Excellent quality control from surface
・development to mass production line (with customized software)


    Optical characterization for
    ・OLED and other FPD products.


ModelColorLive CL-300
Objective LensKOWA LM12HC(C Mount)
CameraSONY 235million-Pixels (1,936×1,216 pixel)1/1.2” CMOS sensor
Resolving PowerR/G/B each 4,096 level(12 bit each)
Luminance measurement range(*1)L type : 0.1 ~ 30,000 cd/m2
H type : 5 ~ 800,000 cd/m2
Linearity(*1)Luminance : ±3%
Chromaticity : ±0.005
Repeat characteristic(*1 *2)Luminance : ±0.5%
Chromaticity : ±0.003
Uniformity(*1 *3)Luminance : ±2%
Chromaticity : ±0.003
*1 Calibration based on white point of standard light source D65 at RGB backlight
*2 10 times continuous measurement.
*3 81 points in 90% of digital image.
Operating Condition
CPUIntel Core i3 2.0GHz or more
Memory2GB(Free space 300MB physical memory is required when program is running. )
HDDFree space more than 500MB.
OSWindows 7 32bit/64bit Windows 8 32bit/64bit Windows 10 32bit/64bit
USBSupport USB3.0 and 2.0 (recommend 3.0 port if available)
Recommend connection to USB controller Intel chipset integrated
MonitorXGA(1,024x768)or better resolution
SXGA(1,280x1,024)or better resolution with more than 17” display.
Operating Temp. Range0~35℃(20~80%RH non condensing)