“ColorLive”is the instrument to collectively measure the brightness distribution of surface light sources such as LED backlight and regular illumination where the uniformity is required.


“Color Live” realizes the space-saving nature, easy handling, quick installation and low cost by using simple components of USB connected camera, USB memory key and your PC.

・Instant measurement of brightness and chromaticity on 10,000 points maximum at a time.

・Automatic judgment and display function of acceptance (OK)/rejection (NG)

・Measured data can be saved by various file format as JPEG, PNG, BMP,CSV and CLI.

・Original data file (CLI) provides various analization and measurement results on different points.


Result of the measurement and its judgement, also brightness cross-section graph are displayed on the monitor.

Key lock function to prevent from malfunctioning or incorrect setting and multiple languages display for Japanese, Chinese and English are accomodated to suit for production site.


    Optical characterization for
    ・OLED and other FPD products.
Measuring specifications
LensMade by FUJINON HF25SA-1(C mount)
Camera1.5 million PIXEL(1,360 × 1,024 pixel) 1/2 inch CCD
Resolution of cameraColor camera: RGB 256 gradations each (24 bit in total)
Monochrome camera: 256 gradations (8 bit)
Measurement errorWithin ±5% when calibrating brightness and chromaticity
Reliability specifications of camera
Recommended environment0~+35°C recommended (<80%RH, no condensation)
MTBF>70,000hrs (at +60 °C)
Operating environment
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz or more
Memory1,024MB or more (Not-used-physical memory of more than 100MB is needed when program execution.)
HDDMore than 10MB of free space is needed when installing.
OSWindows XP SP1 or more, Windows Vista, Windows 7
USBTwo or more USB2.0-supporting ports need to be available.
To be used for camera connection and USB memory key.
For camera connection USB port, use USB controller that chip-set made by INTEL is built in.
MonitorRequired to display resolution of more than XGA (1,024 × 768).
Recommended to display resolution of more than SXGA (1,280 × 1,024) with size of 17 inches or more.