Hybec is an authorized distributor of Daito fuses which are used by major manufacturers of CNC machine tools and robotic arms providing safe and reliable operations. Daito has used its unique technologies to develop a wide range of highly reliable alarm fuses and surge protectors. The quality fuse is used to protect expensive and important equipment and systems from harmful power surges and potential fire hazards for applications such as; telecommunication systems, computer systems, machine tools, robotic arms, etc. The Daito Fuse Company of Japan meets safety standards such as:  UL, CSA, VDE and SEMKO along with following the rigid standards of Japan. This concerted effort to excellence and quality makes Daito fuses the preferred choice for a wide range of applications; including installation in equipment for exporting. We are proud to provide Daito’s reliable products to ensure safety and protection to our customers.



・Telecommunication systems
・Computing systems
・Measurement instruments
・CNC machine tools
・Robotic arms



Daito Communication Apparatus Co., Ltd.

Daito’s unique fuses and technologies have safeguarded electric and electronic equipment supporting the social infrastructure from serious faults.

As a company that supports security and safety, Daito will continue to pursue electronics technologies that ensure circuit protection and safeguard humans, systems and equipment, thereby contributing toward the building of a safe and affluent society.



Asia – HK and PRC

NEC Corp. / Hitachi, Ltd. / Matsushita Communication Ind. Co., Ltd. / Shindengen Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd. / Sanken Electric Co., Ltd / Shanghai Lampex Electronics & Technology Co., Ltd. /  Shanghai Harajuku Electrial Appliance Co., Ltd. / Aoyagi Nekken Denshi (Shenzhen) Ltd. / Shanghai Zhongtong Automatica Electrial Co., Ltd.

Seto Hong Kong Ltd. / Huizhou Daikin Suns Air-Conditioning Co., Ltd. / Karrie Industrial Company, Ltd. / Sodick (H. K.) Co., Ltd. / Fanuc Robomachine (Shenzhen) Ltd. /  Machine tool and Process control: Fanuc Ltd / Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp. / Sodick Co., Ltd. / Consumer goods: Taiyo-yuden Co., Ltd. / Canon Inc / Seiko Epson Corp.



Nippon Telegraph / Sharp Corporation / Telephone East Corporation / Panasonic Mobile Communications Co.,Ltd / Yokogawa Eletric Corporation / Shindengen Electric Mfg, Co. Ltd.

Telephone Communications Corporation / Origin Electric Co,. Ltd. / NTT Datd Corporation

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. / Japan Broadcasting Corporation / Japan Railways Group /

National Police Agency / Japan Defense Agency / Electric Power Companies / NEC Corporation / Fujitsu Ltd

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