Hybec is an authorized distributor of Daito fuses which are used by major manufacturers of CNC machine tools and robotic arms providing safe and reliable operations. Daito has used its unique technologies to develop a wide range of highly reliable alarm fuses and surge protectors. The quality fuse is used to protect expensive and important equipment and systems from harmful power surges and potential fire hazards for applications such as; telecommunication systems, computer systems, machine tools, robotic arms, etc. The Daito Fuse Company of Japan meets safety standards such as:  UL, CSA, VDE and SEMKO along with following the rigid standards of Japan. This concerted effort to excellence and quality makes Daito fuses the preferred choice for a wide range of applications; including installation in equipment for exporting. We are proud to provide Daito’s reliable products to ensure safety and protection to our customers.



・Telecommunication systems
・Computing systems
・Measurement instruments
・CNC machine tools
・Robotic arms



Daito Communication Apparatus Co., Ltd.

Daito’s unique fuses and technologies have safeguarded electric and electronic equipment supporting the social infrastructure from serious faults.

As a company that supports security and safety, Daito will continue to pursue electronics technologies that ensure circuit protection and safeguard humans, systems and equipment, thereby contributing toward the building of a safe and affluent society.



Asia – HK and PRC

NEC Corp. / Hitachi, Ltd. / Matsushita Communication Ind. Co., Ltd. / Shindengen Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd. / Sanken Electric Co., Ltd / Shanghai Lampex Electronics & Technology Co., Ltd. /  Shanghai Harajuku Electrial Appliance Co., Ltd. / Aoyagi Nekken Denshi (Shenzhen) Ltd. / Shanghai Zhongtong Automatica Electrial Co., Ltd.

Seto Hong Kong Ltd. / Huizhou Daikin Suns Air-Conditioning Co., Ltd. / Karrie Industrial Company, Ltd. / Sodick (H. K.) Co., Ltd. / Fanuc Robomachine (Shenzhen) Ltd. /  Machine tool and Process control: Fanuc Ltd / Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp. / Sodick Co., Ltd. / Consumer goods: Taiyo-yuden Co., Ltd. / Canon Inc / Seiko Epson Corp.



Nippon Telegraph / Sharp Corporation / Telephone East Corporation / Panasonic Mobile Communications Co.,Ltd / Yokogawa Eletric Corporation / Shindengen Electric Mfg, Co. Ltd.

Telephone Communications Corporation / Origin Electric Co,. Ltd. / NTT Datd Corporation

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. / Japan Broadcasting Corporation / Japan Railways Group /

National Police Agency / Japan Defense Agency / Electric Power Companies / NEC Corporation / Fujitsu Ltd

HYBEC Part#TYPE (Description)Rated CurrentBreaking CapacityReference
6128LM030.3AAC/DC 48V 50AA60L-0001-0290#LM03
6128CLM03C0.3AAC/DC 48V 50AA60L-0001-0290#LM03C
6122LM05B0.5AAC/DC 48V 50AA60L-0001-0290#LM05
6122CLM05C0.5AAC/DC 48V 50AA60L-0001-0290#LM05C
6127LM10B1AAC/DC 48V 50AA60L-0001-0290#LM10
6127CLM10C1AAC/DC 48V 50AA60L-0001-0290#LM10C
6123LM13B1.3AAC/DC 48V 50AA60L-0001-0290#LM13
6123CLM13C1.3AAC/DC 48V 50AA60L-0001-0290#LM13C
6125LM16B1.6AAC/DC 48V 50AA60L-0001-0290#LM16
6125CLM16C1.6AAC/DC 48V 50AA60L-0001-0290#LM16C
6124LM20B2AAC/DC 48V 50AA60L-0001-0290#LM20
6124CLM20C2AAC/DC 48V 50AA60L-0001-0290#LM20C
6121LM32B3.2AAC/DC 48V 50AA60L-0001-0290#LM32
6121CLM32C3.2AAC/DC 48V 50AA60L-0001-0290#LM32C
6126LM40B4AAC/DC 48V 50AA60L-0001-0290#LM40
6126CLM40C4AAC/DC 48V 50AA60L-0001-0290#LM40C
6120LM50B5AAC/DC 48V 50AA60L-0001-0290#LM50
6120CLM50C5AAC/DC 48V 50AA60L-0001-0290#LM50C
6108GP0320.32AAC/DC250V 1,500A, AC125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0245#GP032
6101GP050.5AAC/DC250V 1,500A, AC125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0245#GP05
6109GP101.0AAC/DC250V 1,500A, AC125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0245#GP10
6116GP161.6AAC/DC250V 1,500A, AC125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0245#GP16
6100GP202.0AAC/DC250V 1,500A, AC125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0245#GP20
6115GP252.5AAC/DC250V 1,500A, AC125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0245#GP25
6102GP323.2AAC/DC250V 1,500A, AC125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0245#GP32
6105GP404.0AAC/DC250V 1,500A, AC125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0245#GP40
6106GP505.0AAC/DC250V 1,500A, AC125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0245#GP50
6104GP757.5AAC/DC 250V 750A, AC125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0245#GP75
6103GP10010AAC/DC 250V 750A, AC125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0245#GP100
6107GP15015AAC/DC 250V 750A, AC125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0245#GP150
6041DM030.3AAC/DC 125V 50AA60L-00172#DM03
6043DM050.5AAC/DC 125V 50AA60L-001-0172#DM05
6042DM101.0AAC/DC 125V 50AA60L-0001-172#DM10
6046DM161.6AAC/DC 125V 50AA60L-0001-172#DM16
6045DM202.0AAC/DC 125V 50AA60L-0001-172#DM20
6040DM323.2AAC/DC 125V 50AA60L-0001-172#DM32
6052HM030.3AAC/DC 250V 50AA60L-0001-0175/0.3A
6050HM050.5AAC/DC 250V 50AA60L-0001-0175/0.5A
6053HM101AAC/DC 250V 50AA60L-0001-0175/1.0A
6057HM161.6AAC/DC 250V 50AA60L-0001-0175/1.6A
6055HM202AAC/DC 250V 50AA60L-0001-0175/2.0A
6051HM323.2AAC/DC 250V 50AA60L-0001-0175/3.2A
6056HM505AAC/DC 250V 50AA60L-0001-0175/5.0A
6063HP0320.32AAC/DC250V 1,5000A, AC 125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0194#0.32A
6064HP050.5AAC/DC250V 1,5000A, AC 125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0194#0.5A
6065HP101AAC/DC250V 1,5000A, AC 125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0194#1.0A
6066HP161.6AAC/DC250V 1,5000A, AC 125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0194#1.6A
6067HP202AAC/DC250V 1,5000A, AC 125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0194#2.0A
6061HP323.2AAC/DC250V 1,5000A, AC 125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0194#3.2A
6060HP505AAC/DC250V 1,5000A, AC 125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0194#5.0A
6068HP636.3AAC/DC250V 200A, AC 125V 10,000AA60L-0001-0194#6.3A
6062HP70K7.0AAC/DC 250V 1500A
6017MP0320.32AAC/DC 125V 100AA60L-0001-0046#0.32
6010MP050.5AAC/DC 125V 100AA60L-0001-0046#0.5
6018MP0630.63AAC/DC 125V 100AA60L-0001-0046#0.63
6011MP101AAC/DC 125V 100AA60L-0001-0046#1.0
6015MP161.6AAC/DC 125V 100AA60L-0001-0046#1.6
6012MP202AAC/DC 125V 100AA60L-0001-0046#2.0
6013MP323.2AAC/DC 125V 100AA60L-0001-0046#3.2
6014MP505AAC/DC 125V 100AA60L-0001-0046#5.0
6019MP636.3AAC/DC 125V 100AA60L-0001-0046#6.3
6016MP757.5AAC/DC 125V 100AA60L-0001-0046#7.5
x61aBDH101ADC450V 100A
x61bBDH131.25ADC450V 100A
x61cBDH161.6ADC450V 100A
6175BDH202ADC450V 100A
6170BDH252.5ADC450V 100A
6171BDH323.15ADC450V 100A
x61dBDH404ADC450V 100A
6174BDH505ADC450V 100A
6172BDH636.3ADC450V 100A
6087P4030.3AAC220V 2,500A, DC250V 1,500A
6083P4050.5AAC220V 2,500A, DC250V 1,500A
6080P4131.3AAC220V 2,500A, DC250V 1,500A
6084P4202AAC220V 2,500A, DC250V 1,500A
6086P4303AAC220V 2,500A, DC250V 1,500A
6081P4353.5AAC220V 2,500A, DC250V 1,500A
6082P4505AAC220V 2,500A, DC250V 1,500A
6092PL4757.5AAC125V 2,500A, DC125V 1,500A
6091PL410010AAC125V 2,500A, DC125V 1,500A
6090PL415015AAC/DC 125V 1,000A
6028P404H0.4AAC125V 10,000A, AC/DC 250V 1,500A
6027P405H0.5AAC125V 10,000A, AC/DC 250V 1,500AA60L-0001-101#P405H
6020P413H1.3AAC125V 10,000A, AC/DC 250V 1,500AA60L-0001-101#P413H
6021P420H2AAC125V 10,000A, AC/DC 250V 1,500AA60L-0001-101#P420H
6025P430H3AAC125V 10,000A, AC/DC 250V 1,500AA60L-0001-101#P430H
6026P435H3.5AAC125V 10,000A, AC/DC 250V 1,500AA60L-0001-101#P435H
6022P450H5AAC125V 10,000A, AC/DC 250V 1,500AA60L-0001-101#P450H
6023P475H7.5AAC 125V 10,000A, AC/DC 250V 200AA60L-0001-101#P475H
6024P4100H10AAC 125V 10,000A, AC/DC 250V 200AA60L-0001-101#P4100H
x603aP404L0.4AAC125V 10,000A, DC125V 1,500A
6035P405L0.5AAC125V 10,000A, DC125V 1,500A
6036P413L1.3AAC125V 10,000A, DC125V 1,500A
6034P420L2AAC125V 10,000A, DC125V 1,500A
6030P430L3AAC125V 10,000A, DC125V 1,500A
6037P435L3.5AAC125V 10,000A, DC125V 1,500A
6031P450L5AAC125V 10,000A, DC125V 1,500A
6032PL475L7.5AAC125V 10,000A, DC125V 1,500A
6033PL4100L10AAC/DC 125V 100A, AC/DC 60V 200A
6038PL4150L15AAC/DC 125V 100A, AC/DC 60V 200A
6180BL101AAC250V 100A
x61eBL131.25AAC250V 100A
x61fBL161.6AAC250V 100A
x61gBL252.5AAC250V 100A
6181BL323.15AAC250V 100A
6182BL404AAC250V 100A
x61hBL505AAC250V 100A
6214BL636.3AAC250V 100A
x62aBL808AAC250V 100A
x62bBL10010AAC250V 100A
x613aCM040.4AAC48V 50A / DC76V 100A
6130CM050.5AAC48V 50A / DC76V 100A
x613bCM060.6AAC48V 50A / DC76V 100A
x613cCM080.8AAC48V 50A / DC76V 100A
6131CM101AAC48V 50A / DC76V 100A
x613dCM131.3AAC48V 50A / DC76V 100A
6133CM161.6AAC48V 50A / DC76V 100A
6132CM202AAC48V 50A / DC76V 100A
x613eCM252.5AAC48V 50A / DC76V 100A
x613fCM323.2AAC48V 50A / DC76V 100A
x613gCM404AAC48V 50A / DC76V 100A
x613hCM505AAC48V 50A / DC76V 100A
6303DCP050.5ADC450V 100A
6302DCP101ADC450V 100A
x63aDCP161.6ADC450V 100A
6301DCP202ADC450V 100A
x619aKMU161.6ADC76V 50A
x619bKMU202ADC 50V 50A
x619cKMU252.5ADC 50V 50A
x619dKMU323.15ADC 50V 50A
x619eKMU404ADC 50V 50A
x619fKMU505ADC 50V 50A
61901KMU636.3ADC 32V 50A
x619gKMU808ADC 32V 50A
x619hKMU10010ADC 32V 50A
6165SDP101AAC125V 100A, DC125V 50A
6166SDP161.6AAC125V 100A, DC125V 50A
6163SDP202AAC125V 100A, DC125V 50A
6162SDP323.2AAC125V 100A, DC125V 50A
6161SDP505AAC125V 100A, DC125V 50A
x616aSDP636.3AAC125V 100A, DC125V 50A
6164SDP757.5AAC125V 100A, DC125V 50A
6117SP4010.1AAC220V 2,500A, DC250V 1,500A
x611aSP4020.2AAC220V 2,500A, DC250V 1,500A
x611bSP4030.3AAC220V 2,500A, DC250V 1,500A
6113SP4050.5AAC220V 2,500A, DC250V 1,500A
6111SP4101AAC220V 2,500A, DC250V 1,500A
6114SP4151.5AAC220V 2,500A, DC250V 1,500A
6305SP4202AAC220V 2,500A, DC250V 1,500A
6110SP4303AAC220V 1,500A, DC250V 300A
x611cSP4353.5AAC220V 1,500A, DC250V 300A
6112SP4505AAC/DC 125V 1,000A
x611dSP403L0.3AAC125V 10,000A, AC/DC 250V 200A
x611eSP405L0.5AAC125V 10,000A, AC/DC 250V 200A
6151SP410L1AAC125V 10,000A, AC/DC 250V 200A
x611fSP415L1.5AAC125V 10,000A, AC/DC 250V 200A
x611gSP420L2AAC125V 10,000A, AC/DC 250V 200A
x611hSP430L3AAC125V 10,000A, AC/DC 250V 200A
6150SP435L3.5AAC125V 10,000A, AC/DC 250V 200A
x614aUP757.5AAC125V 10,000A, DC125V 1,500A, AC250V 2,500A
x614bUP10010AAC125V 10,000A, DC125V 1,500A, AC250V 2,500A
6142UP15015AAC125V 10,000A, DC125V 1,500A, AC250V 2,500A
6140UP20020AAC125V 10,000A, DC125V 1,500A, AC250V 2,500A
x614cUP25025AAC125V 10,000A, DC125V 1,500A, AC250V 2,500A
6141UP30030AAC125V 10,000A, DC125V 1,500A, AC250V 2,500A
x614dUP40040AAC125V 10,000A, DC125V 1,000A, AC250V 2,500A
x614eUP50050AAC125V 10,000A, DC125V 1,000A, AC250V 2,500A
HYBEC Part#TYPE (Description)Aplicable fuses
6202DMHHolderfor DM fuse
h62aGPH-2S, 4SHolderfor GP fuse
6212GPH-4PHolderfor GP fuse
6209GPH-4VHolderfor GP fuse
h62bHM1HHolderfor HM fuse
6054HM2HHolderfor HM fuse
h62cHPH-2SHolderfor HP fuse
6208HPH-4SHolderfor HP fuse
6204LM-1HHolderfor LM fuse
6205LM-2HHolderfor LM fuse
h62cMPH-2S, MPH-4SHolderfor MP fuse
h62dMPH-2W, MPH-4WHolderfor MP fuse
6215MPH-2PDHolderfor MP fuse
6201MPH-4PHolderfor MP fuse
6206MPH-4VHolderfor MP fuse
6216P4-1PHolderfor P4/PL4, SP4, P4L/PL4L, P4H, SP4L, WP
6213P4-1SBHolderfor P4/PL4, SP4, P4L/PL4L, P4H, SP4L, WP
h62eP4-2SBHolderfor P4/PL4, SP4, P4L/PL4L, P4H, SP4L, WP
6203P4-2SHolderfor P4/PL4, SP4, P4L/PL4L, P4H, SP4L, WP
6207P4-4SHolderfor P4/PL4, SP4, P4L/PL4L, P4H, SP4L, WP
6211DS-401AHolderfor P4/PL4, SP4, P4L/PL4L, P4H, SP4L, WP
6210SA-301B AdapterHolderfor P4/PL4, SP4, P4L/PL4L, P4H, SP4L, WP
6304UPHHolderfor UP fuse