Hybec/Japan provides QIR halogen heater lamps that are non-contact. The QIR halogen lamps radiate near infrared rays producing only clean heat for the Heat Beam units. Using a power supply, the QIR halogen lamps are easily controlled to turn on and off quickly. The QIR halogen lamp is the best choice as a heater lamp since it maintains constant light output (lumens) and power until the end of the lamp’s life hours. Even though a small percentage of lumens is reduced by the end of the lamp life, the reduction is minimal from the initial start-up with little interruption of productivity. We supply standard voltages, wattages and lengths with various lamp ends: square with lead wires, round with lead wires and blade ends. We can also custom make the lamps for you; regardless of the quantity our expert staff of engineers will answer your requests and support your every need.


Other special features available:

●Custom made to your specifications: Voltages:100-400, Wattages:200-10,000, Lengths:130-2000mm:

●Special ceramic coating can be applied to emit far-infrared rays.

●A white coating can be applied so that near-infrared rays are irradiated in one direction.