HI-Heaters are for industrial use and are designed to heat a flow of air safely and continuously, producing clean hot air from room temperature up to 1470°F/800℃ within 10 seconds. The high temperature-proof kanthal wire inside each stainless steel tube, is used as a heating element making it able to withstand a continuous high temperature for long periods of time. This flameless electric torch has a compact design for today’s industrial and miniature electronic manufacturing projects.   The simple design of these versatile stainless steel torches can be used on assembly lines or with robotic arms, for any application; heating, drying, soldering and heat-shrinking.  Hybec’s industrial Hi-Heaters with its variety of nozzle configurations, reliability, low prices and long life, can assure our customers a reduction in operating and maintenance costs for years.



・Soldering of compact component

・Adhesion of laminate film

・Silver-alloy brazing of compact component

・Construction of coating-tube of wiring

・Distribution of hot air to hot-air oven

・Drying of date-mark