The Heat Beam series manufactured by Miyakawa/Hybec-Japan is a heat source not a light source that uses QIR lamps to produce line focusing heat, spot/point focusing heat and parallel irradiation. The Heat Beam units irradiate a strong light (near infrared rays) through special water cooled gold-plating and provides more than 90% of high heat reflecting efficiency using compact reflecting mirrors. The halogen lamp used as a heat source, not light source allows heating up to 1200℃ and focusing down to 2mm~3mm possible. In addition, due to utilizing radiation heat irradiated from halogen lamps, non-contact and clean heat is possible. Also, heating vacuum or inert gas through glass is possible, because it is a light-turned-to-heat source. Our Heat Beam controller can adjust and hold the heater output for direct contact heating. Furthermore, our controller supports a quick on/off and helps to maintain a stable and constant heat beam for all of your Near-Infrared Heat Beam needs.


Heat source technology, in modern age, finds application in various areas. By combining coating, reflector, nozzle, control unit designed by ourselves to incandescent lamp for heat source of industrial halogen heating lamp, we can meet various market demands such as simple lamp or system construction.


・Welding of Glass

・Curing of Powder Paint

・Soldering of Lead Frame

・Soldering of Connector